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Great quality product, though the colours were slightly different then advertised. No issue though, I love it! Thank you.

2CB Psychedelic Designer Hoodie (Unisex)

3D Animated Hologram

Inspire Psychedelic UV-Reactive Tapestry


Wonderful quality.

Awesome part of any outfit!

I bought one of these for Dreamstate and I love it! I feel cozy and warm when I put the hood up, and if it's too warm I can tip it back and it works like a scarf. Pattern is beautiful, material is light and warm but not constricting, and it even has a place to tie on a string or a chain. Highly recommend!


Im very happy and i recommand! This is good quality and the hoodie looking very good ❤️

Calendar tapestry

Beautifully layered, colors are vivid, design is awesome. Truly a piece of art! Rgb strobes make everything move and pop! Highly recommend with it with out lighting!

Amazing detail

Hoodie is comfortable, fits well. The detail is immaculate, highly recommend purchases from this seller. It did take a while for product to be made and shipped but the wait was definitely worth it

What an incredible work of art!

I was so excited to get this and when I did it exceeded expectations. From the high quality fabric to the amazing artistry, this trippy print is sure to be a lifetime favorite. Glad I could own such a perfect piece of art!

Metatron Tapestry is absolutely incredible !!

Very pleased and in love with my Metatron tapestry !! It's clear that Tetramode holds a very high standard when it comes to the quality of each product !!

Techno Shamanic Table Runner

Absolutely beautiful, way more than i expected. My first order from Tetramode and i am so happy with the beauty and quality of this product. Thank you


I buy 2 x in most companies. I bought 5 3xl shirts and they are all too tight. I can’t wear them. I’ll lose weight


This hoodie is so comfy and the fabric is so soft. I love the art work on the hoodie. Definitely glad i got one.

Awesome Hoodie

Tons of compliments, made well, super stylin would buy another design.

Nice material, nice design, comfortable

Colors weren't exactly replicated as in the photos. It's a little browner than I anticipated, but I still love it. It's really comfortable, seems very well made, and I would definitely purchase other designs from sam farrand in the future.


This is one of the best shirts I've ever bought. It's ultra comfortable, fits super duper good and is worth every penny.

Portal Men's All-Over print Shirt

This is one of the best shirts I've ever bought, it's ultra comfortable and fits super duper good.

3D Animated Hologram

Seat of the Soul Psytrance Designer Hoodie (Unisex)

Amazing design

The shoes look great! I was really impressed with the quality of materials

Satisfied customer

RGB Shamanic hoodie arrived just fine and looks like the picture and is quite comfortable. It’s not as warm as I thought it’d be but the fact it zips up makes it easy to remove/add layers as needed. The pockets are also a good size. You can cram a decent amount of stuff inside.


Keeping me warm, fits perfectly, great quality, feeling like I’m really woven into the fabric of the universe