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Liquisyrgic Zip-Up Unisex Hoodie

Looks great. Good quality.

Absolutely stunning

This blanket is not only GORGEOUS but HUGE!! Colors are so vivid and the image is perfect it looks great on my bed and will be amazing for a summer picnic too!


Chakra Curtains (1 Panel)

Super comfy, love the design

This shirt is amazing and in my opinion is a “true size”. The design is amazing and the fabric of the shirt is super comfy. It has faded a very little bit from when I first got it after washings but, it is not very obvious and the material has kept the integrity of the softness and fit. It looks amazing in pictures!! I am very happy and have my next few purchases already picked out!


Biosynthebliss Symbio Blanket

Arcanium Curtains

WOW! The way the colors come through these curtains when the natural light shines through them is amazing. They bright up the room and have received so many compliments since i've put them up. Thank you for your art! xx

Awesome design

Awesome design. Love the pattern.
Something that would make these leggings a 5 would be a pocket of some sort (something other unique design leggings companies do sometimes). Also the fit is a little weird, the XL fit fine but was too big around the waist so it didn't stay up, and the L fits great but slips down my butt some. Maybe my butt is too big, though I don't typically have this problem with other leggings brands.
(also fwiw, I'm a dude)


Laniakea Scarf

Super chill

Face melt in the sun


Tetra EQ Bandana


This pin is excellent! Bought it as a gift and the recipient loves it. Now I want one for myself.


Autumnal Jubilation


The pics are so in depth and cool. There in my fridge so when the door moves they change

Completely satisfied!

Got these for my girl and she loves them! Perfect comfy fit and look amazing!


Love these vivid patterns!


Leggings are super comfty and have such vibrant colors!! Love them!!


Very happy with my order.


Neopaisley Yoga Pants


So pretty, definitely worth waiting for the slow shipping!


I agree with the first comment, shipping took a long time but such a beautiful hammock! I love how the pocket doubles as the carrying bag.


Vision Quest Men's All-Over print Shirt

So Many Beautifuls!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE these leggings! They look like they have tiny LED lights in them when in fact it's just brilliant use of color and patterns. I'm 5'8" 160 male and they fit really well, not too tight and long enough length. Heading back for more as soon as I can.

Entheopassage Curtains

I love waking up to these curtains hanging next to me letting little bits of light through in the morning! So gorgeous and amazing quality!

Outstanding quality!!

Awesome quality really comes alive as the sun shines through!! Thank You so much!!!

Great gift for wife

Worth the wait

Pretty and comfy

Very pretty and comfortable. Like the fold down top. Design is beautiful.


The shirt was a gift and she really likes it.

Pretty good!

I've definitely gotten some compliments on this.


Tetra EQ Holographic Phone Grip


Absolutely beautiful!! thank you so much❤❤

Very good pattern

Lots of compliments on the hoodie. Need a fuzz buzzer for the nylon wubbies. Thanks again Sam & Cate Farrand


These leggings are great super stretchy and soft. definitely an eye-turning

phone grip

I love it

Optika Symbio Blanket

I love my Optika Symbio blanket! The blanket has a substantial weight to it and is nice and soft to the touch. It is plenty big, covers my 6ft frame with blanket to spare. The Optika print is beautiful and incredibly vibrant, it looks amazing in person. The Symbio is perfect for TV time on the couch, and makes a great extra layer for the bed on chilly Ohio winter nights. If you're on the fence about whether or not to invest in a Symbio blanket, do it. It's worth every penny and you won't be disappointed. My potbelly pig, Rocky, loves it too!


Holobloom Curtains (1 Panel)


even better in real life. great fabric and print quality


Beautiful pin!

High Quality!

They were awesome gifts!


Man i LOVE this shirt!! SOOO many compliments every time i wear the 5 different shirts ive bought from you! Love em man!


All of your artwork is amazing and high quality!

Star Map Tapestry
Stunning looking

I have made six purchases so far through Samuel. Each of them look great. As soon as I saw the star map tapestry, I knew it would be a great addition to my decor. This is in my stereo room, and looks very good under a slow color changing LED with a blacklight UV light to highlight it. It is a relaxing pattern that is not too busy. Shipping is always within the time frame. Thanks. John...aka...Haze

so awesome

amazing under black light, had to google how to tie the drawstring, but that's not their fault, hahaha

Tetra Phone Grip

I love it so much! It’s beautiful and unique and I get compliments all the time. The sticker is super secure and doesn’t come off and is beautiful in and out of the light.

Goodie hoodie

Hoodie is so soft and amazing light activating colors!


Neopaisley Curtains (1 Panel)


3D Animated Hologram

NEW Tetra EQ Hybrid Pin :: LIMITED EDITION of 100

Absolutely gorgeous.
Even more dazzling in your hands.


Incredible quality
Couldn't be happier.

Everything Samuel Farrand is phenomenal.