Visual Manifesto

In every piece of art that I create I strive to bring to you timelessness, nostalgia, wonder, introspection and pure imagination. For me creating art is a spiritual experience, it allows me to attune to the subtle energy and vibrations of the world around us and that which is within us. I aim to focus my art on that which is progressive and perpetual and that which empowers and inspires. It is my hope as an artist that people of all ages and all walks of life, cultural background, and all religion can find enjoyment in my work and that my art can help people see the common thread that links us as human beings, after all I am you, and you are me or as the Mayan's would say In Lak'ech ala K'in

Life (Consciousness) I believe is a miracle. So many facets of life inspires me to want to create art what I personally enjoy depicting in my work are visions of ancient and contemporary culture, dreamscapes, geometry, love, indidvidual spirituality, architecture, symbolism, space and nature. I feel like everyone can relate to all those things so I choose those to be dominant reoccurring themes in my work. It is my hope as an artist that my visions fascinates you and brings to you feelings of bliss, wonder and nostalgia.