2cB Zip-Up Unisex Hoodie
2cB Zip-Up Unisex Hoodie
2cB Zip-Up Unisex Hoodie
2cB Zip-Up Unisex Hoodie
Samuel Farrand

2cB Zip-Up Unisex Hoodie

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• UV Reaction
• Flexible Waist band and Cuff
• Everlasting Vibrant print
• Breathable material
• Aesthetic Partial Liner
• Made in USA
•Triple-Stitched for Durability
• 100% Polyester
• Material made from recycled plastic bottles

Lightweight, Warm and Comfortable, this hoodie was meticulously designed panel by panel for your and everyone elses ocular enjoyment within a 50ft radius. The dye transfer infused into the material means that your hoodie will have a vibrant everlasting print just like the first day you bought it, because it is Polyester it has pop under UV light which makes it perfect for chilly nights at festivals and events, and because we care about the world we live in all of the polyester we use to make this hoodie is made from recycled plastic bottles. This hoodie is a crowning achievement and is Handcrafted and Made in the USA for you with Integrity, Honesty and Love.

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