8-Bit Trip Symbio Blanket
8-Bit Trip Symbio Blanket
Samuel Farrand

8-Bit Trip Symbio Blanket

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• Reversible
• Multi-Purpose Use
• Double-Lined 
• Dense (Promotes Restful Sleep)
• UV Reactive
• Vibrant Fade-Proof
• Folds down easily to maximize space

• Made in USA
•Triple-Stitched for added Durability
• Material made from recycled materials
• 57x77"

• Patented Polyester Blend 
• Machine Washable

Soft, comfortable and reversible, the new Symbio Blanket easily folds down making it your go to blanket for at home comfort and nomadic adventures. Boasting a massive 57x77" the Symbio blanket is perfect for one person to snuggle up in, wide enough to share with a friend or two, and spacious enough to use as a protective ground covering to sit multiple friends. UV Reactive material makes this super fun for music festivals. The Symbio blanket is double-lined using material made from recycled plastic bottles. Soft and cotton-like on side smooth and silk-like on the other side. The dual material construction adds density to the blanket therefore promoting more restful sleep then standard blankets. Vibrant and Fadeproof the Symbio blanket is designed and constructed to last a lifetime. 

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8-Bit Trip Symbio Blanket

Awesome sauce

Szechuan level sauce for sure

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