NEW! Biocircuitree Hammock
NEW! Biocircuitree Hammock
Samuel Farrand

NEW! Biocircuitree Hammock

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• Triple-Stitched for Durability
• Weight-tested for 450lbs
• Reversible
• Compacts into a Travel Bag
• Everlasting Vibrant print
• Made in USA
• Material made from recycled plastic bottles
• 100% Polyester

Whether you're on the trail in the back country or hanging out at your favorite music festival one thing we know for certain is that you will be chillin' in maximum style and comfort with this new durable triple-stitched Samuel Farrand single-person backpacking hammock. Designed with the contemporary Nomad in mind, this hammock comes in a handy travel bag and even serves as a two-sided hammock to switch up your mood. The best part of these new Hammocks is that each one will never fade from being out in the sun and was made using recycled plastic bottles. You can relax and feel good about yourself knowing that you're also contributing to the wellness of our planet. Each hammock is made in the USA and measures 52x94"

SAFETY DISCLAIMER: Our Hammocks have been weight tested for 450lbs, and has been constructed with your safety in mind and if used correctly and responsibly it will offer you many years of enjoyment provided proper precautions are taken into consideration. If you are unsure how to properly hang a hammock and unaware of potential safety issues that may arise during use there are many instructional and safety videos on the internet about hammock set up and it's usage. Each hammock comes with 2x Carabiners weight tested for 450lbs although not necessary for your safety it is recommend that you buy your own straps and carabiners which are suited for your specific weight. Samuel Farrand is not held liable for any personal injury that may occur while using one of these hammocks.

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