Biosynthebliss Curtains (1 Panel)
Samuel Farrand

Biosynthebliss Curtains (1 Panel)

Regular price $32.50

• 33" x 72"
• Material allows light to pass through
• UV Reactive
• Vibrant print color
• Fade-proof
• Material made from recycled plastic bottles
• Made in USA

These exclusive specially designed curtains are made from a unique blend of material that allows your room to be lit up like a jeweled kaleidoscope when the light passes through but is woven tight enough so that you maintain the privacy you need when they are closed. When closed in daylight the curtains give off a beautiful hue mimicking the ancient Egyptian practice of Color Bathing. The curtains are 100% Fade-proof and glows under UV Light. The Polyester material used is made from recycled plastic bottles and is made in the USA for you with Integrity, Honesty and Love. Price is for 1 Panel

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