Laniakea Unisex Leggings
Laniakea Unisex Leggings
Laniakea Unisex Leggings
Samuel & Cate Farrand

Laniakea Unisex Leggings

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• 4-Way Stretch Technology
• Reactive under UV Light
• Breathable material
• Form-fitting
• Everlasting Vibrant print
• Made in USA
• Triple-Stitched for Durability
• Material made from recycled plastic bottles

The strong durable waistband provides maximum comfort, while the super stretchy snag-resistant material molds and forms to your body. The unique polyester blend used in these leggings have incredible pop under UV light and is naturally vibrant under regular light making these new leggings perfect for everyday wear and festivals and parties. Handcrafted and Made in the USA with Integrity, Honesty and Love.

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