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Chakra Prayer Flags - FREE SHIPPING!

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Light Body (Chakra) Prayer Flags are designed to help aid you in your daily Chakra meditation practice by serving as a reminder for the user to be mindful of the 7 major governing centers. When hung over a window or in a forest the unique material blend allows for light to beam out through the center of each flag, making these flags an ideal tool for Chakra meditation. Each Chakra flag set comes with an attractively designed storage bag for your flags so they can be kept safe when traveling between home, outdoor sanctuaries and/or music festivals. It also comes with a meditation card that outlines the major energy centers and rope to hang your flags as well as one other mindful surprise that you'll have to see for yourself. For a deeper mindful practice these flags are a great companion with the Light Body Activation cards (Sold Separately) Each flag measures 9" x 8"

Each set comes with:
7x Flags
1x Travel Bag
1x Meditation Card
1x 7ft Paracord

Made in the USA