NEW! Biosynthebliss Unisex Hybrid Festival Hood

NEW! Biosynthebliss Unisex Hybrid Festival Hood

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• Can be worn as 3 different styles
• Thick outside lining/Thin inside lining allows you to control body temperature
• The wearer can choose between a small and large pattern
• Reactive under UV Light
• Breathable material
• Everlasting Vibrant print
• Oversized for extra comfort
• Made in USA
• Material made from recycled plastic bottles

The hybrid hood can be worn as a infinity scarf or as a festival hood and is perfect for keeping you warm and cozy during chilly festival nights. Soft and warm outside lining combined with a silky and lightweight interior lining allows you to control your body temperature. The pattern on each hood comes in a large and small pattern so that you can choose your vibe, and as an added party bonus the print on all of our hoods is reactive under UV light and will never fade keeping your hybrid hood vibrant for life. Grommets are also added for those who wish to secure their hood with a chain. Made in the USA from 100% sustainably sourced material made from recycled plastic bottles.

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