NEW! Little Visionaries™ Astronaut Kids Shirt
NEW! Little Visionaries™ Astronaut Kids Shirt
Samuel Farrand

NEW! Little Visionaries™ Astronaut Kids Shirt

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• Triple-Stitched for Durability
• Everlasting Vibrant print
• Material made from recycled plastic bottles
• Breathable material
• UV Reaction
• Made in USA
• 100% Polyester

Kids are the Future, the environment we put our kids in and the images they are surrounded by at an early age will leave an everlasting impact on our kids for years to come. Being a parent myself it brings me much joy to release a line of kids clothes inspired by Animal Spirits and Sacred Geometry. We all know how hard our little ones can play so that is why with this new exclusive line of Kid's clothing all the clothes is Triple-Stitched for extra durability. We've also made sure that the image will never fade so that our little visionaries can always enjoy looking at art that inspires. All shirts are also made from recycled material and made in the USA infused with Integrity, Honesty and lots and lots of Love.

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